Avaya Awarded Advanced Enterprise Mobility Solutions Accolade by Frost & Sullivan


Global telecommunications company Avaya Inc has been awarded the 2011 Global Market Share Leadership Award in Enterprise Premises-Based FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) Solutions. The award, presented by research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, highlights Avaya’s growth within the FMC industry, measured by the company’s 35.5% market share in 2010. FMC solutions involve approaches that leverage smartphone technology to offer high-tech and sophisticated extensions to the standard touch-tone interface.

According to Frost & Sullivan, Avaya’s extensive market share within the FMC industry is due to a combination of its wide-ranging mobile solutions portfolio, its strong existing client base and company credibility, and several recent business expansion strategies that have seen it grow as a result. In addition to offering an extension of their services for fixed and mobile devices, Avaya continues to target and expand its existing network of contacts through programs such as the Avaya DevConnect developer program. Avaya’s expertise also extends to business collaboration systems, business software and services, as well as several training and certification programs.

According to Frost & Sullivan, the above strategies have cemented Avaya’s position as a market leader and pioneer in this quickly growing communications area. The recent economic downturn has seen small and large enterprise alike  looking to reduce communications and infrastructure budgets, and Avaya’s willingness to innovate and invest within the FMC field during this time has played a role in buoying small and large enterprise and in helping to manage issues of scale and cost.

Frost & Sullivan senior analyst Alaa Saayed points to Alaya’s “best-of-breed IP telephony systems and next-generation unified communications and collaboration solutions”, and points out that “the company has successfully invested time and resources in its vision, direction, and overall strategy, gaining the trust and confidence of a large portion of the enterprise communication customers.”

Avaya’s FMC technology approaches allow businesses to move beyond process-oriented procedures in dealing with their customers and towards a more people-centric way of engaging with their end-users. Avaya has played an important role in helping companies move towards this new philosophy, and its ability to do so within such a challenging economic situation speaks to its ability to address and solve client problems.

However, despite Avaya’s considerable market share, the FMC industry remains highly contested, with more than 45 notable small and larger companies working in areas such as FMC devices, software, and applications to improve communication between service providers and their clients or customers.


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