Top 20 channel partner blogs you should follow

If you’re in the reseller business, it pays to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry and know not only what’s going on now, but what’s likely to go on tomorrow. The blogosphere is full of channel partner bloggers eager to voice their opinions, inside information, gossip, and rumors. While we hope that “IT Channel Insight” is at the top of your list, we know we’re not the only ones on the block, so here’s a few other ones to keep in mind.

. Definitely one of the “A” listers, the VAR Guy, a “Nine Lives Media” property, is chock-full of useful information, late-breaking news and opinion, and just plain good insight. Who is “The VAR Guy?” That’s all the byline says, and the picture shows a stylized logo of an empty suit and hat with nobody in it. Nothing like a good mystery!

Speaking of “inside information,” check out the blog—and if you’ve got a hot tip, they’ve got a tip hotline so you can spill the beans about what you know.

At the risk of being self-indulgent, I’ll include channel blog, for which I write occasionally as well. What can I say, if you can’t promote yourself, then who will?

logo of a muscular man in a white shirt sort of reminds me of the Mr. Clean guy, but it’s cool, nonetheless. You’ll find some useful info here, and beyond the usual bloggy opinions and commentary, there’s plenty of solid information about channel programs.

The name “” says it all, and this is something I’ve been saying all along—the reseller business has a “new normal.” Blogger Michelle Jones has the insight—and she definitely thinks outside the box.

Sell Microsoft? You’ll need to read the blogs on Redmond Channel Partner on a regular basis, especially . RCP, designed to help Microsoft partners be more successful, covers just about every issue a Microsoft partner will ever come up across.

And while we’re on Microsoft, don’t miss Mary-Jo Foley’s “” blog on ZDNet. If it’s about Microsoft, Mary-Jo knows about it.

The IT Knowledge Exchange’s “” blog is another one you shouldn’t miss, for seasoned bloggers who have an insider’s viewpoint as to what’s going on in the channel partner business.

We wouldn’t want to leave out the . Currently being redesigned, look for it to be back online. Looking forward to seeing what kind of cool logo you’ll come up with!

If you want a smorgasbord of VAR blogs, is the place to start. Offering a half-dozen bloggers talking about everything channel-related, you just can’t miss here.

, named after Channel Maven Consulting and the original maven herself Heather Margolis, delivers some valuable information. Her blog has the latest on opportunities for VARs and vendors alike, with some keen insights into what’s going on—and what’s likely to go on in the future.

. Maybe trying too hard with the name, but some good information there for channel partners nonetheless. Besides opinion you’ll also find some useful tools and guides there, especially if you’re just getting into the business.

blog on Channelpro keeps you up to date on the latest goings-on in the channel world. As publisher of ChannelPro-SMB, Michael has good insight into the industry, and it’s definitely worth a read.

The blog shouldn’t be overlooked. Run by Doug Kass, editor of IT Channel Planet, Doug has been in the business since the ’80s and he definitely knows his way around the channel.

There are plenty more where that came from, and I’ll list a few more here for good measure: