ConnectWise Partners To Benefit From Enhanced Integration

ConnectWise, the leading business management solution for service providers, MSPs, technology consultants, integrators, and developers, has announced increased adoption of its Managed Device APIs by third-party vendors, resulting in better integration and automation for ConnectWise partners.

ConnectWise integrations now number more than 40 channel-friendly products, from remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools, to quoting solutions. Early adopter vendors, who have already taken advantage of the new API, have received positive feedback from mutual partners. Intronis, the first backup vendor to leverage the Managed Device API, is delivering a deeper integration with ConnectWise billing and configurations, to streamline operations for Intronis partners.

“Many of our partners depend on ConnectWise to automate their managed service delivery, and we know that providing a deep ConnectWise integration with Intronis Cloud Backup is one of the best ways we can deliver value to them. That’s why we were the first backup vendor to adopt the Managed Devices API. Integrations are a critical part of our commitment to save our partners valuable time in managing their clients’ backups and reduce what we call MPG, or Manhours per Gigabyte,” said Carol Ferrari, Vice President of Marketing and Community at Intronis.

Intronis’ enhanced integration provides partners with greater flexibility and options in setting up billing for their backup solution within ConnectWise. Intronis’ notifications also automatically create ConnectWise service tickets complete with all the appropriate customer information required to take action.

LabTech and Level Platforms have also similarly leveraged the Managed Device API to their advantage. Both seamlessly bridge their RMM solutions to ConnectWise. Level Platforms’ connection to ConnectWise allows two-way ticket and asset synchronization capability for all managed devices. LabTech Software and ConnectWise mutual partners have further benefitted from the two-way ticketing communication and the ability to align any LabTech detected assets, agreements, and client records for efficient billing. The new architecture will allow LabTech to deliver an unprecedented level of partner-driven profitability, efficiency and scalability. 

The ConnectWise Developer Network has now grown to include 800 vendors, creating integrations to a broad variety of applications. ConnectWise APIs enable fully integrated customer solutions for those who also use ConnectWise. ConnectWise partners have a tendency to prefer one system to manage their businesses, and integrations that enhance operational simplicity are widely accepted by ConnectWise users.