5 Web Based Applications MSPs Can Use to Make Money Today

MSPs always need to be on the lookout for the next service they can manage for their customers. There are several up and coming web based applications that you want to take a look at. These 5 solutions cover a range of services that MSPs can offer to their customers, which should be interesting to businesses of practically any size.

Called the coolest monitoring system you’ll ever see, Site24x7 is a web based monitoring system that can do so much more that simple ping tests and HTTP GETs. It can monitor practically any application or service, and alert you via email, SMS, or Twitter. If you want to sell your ability to provide 24×7 monitoring for customers’ websites, email, DNS, and more, Site24x7 is all the NOC you’ll ever need. See the reseller program, especially the rebranded partner arrangement!

Still in free beta, Splunkstorm is the cloud-enabled version of a leading application for logging analysis and monitoring. Get in on the beta to set up your own log aggregation service in the cloud and start pushing your customers’ logs into a central repository you can mine through your web browser.

Labtech offers remote monitoring and management, and their offering for IT Solution Providers is purpose built for MSPs. With simple agent software, you can remotely monitor and manage servers in your clients’ network without the need for VPN.

Monitis software, recently acquired by GFI, is another cloud monitoring solution, which can monitor servers, applications, and network performance.

Office 365 is the fastest growing service in all of cloud services, combining email, instant messaging, and collaboration. While Microsoft and its largest partners are pursuing the enterprise space, there are millions of seats already deployed from the SMB space, and partners to help organizations get to the cloud are being actively sought.