N-able Technologies Launches N-central 9.0

The global leader in remote monitoring and management (RMM) software for MSPs and IT departments, N-able Technologies has launched an industry-first, standards-based RMM and service automation platform.

Designed to deliver unprecedented standards for automated MSP service delivery and advanced remote control of client devices, N-central 9.0 is widely recognized as the IT channel’s number one RMM and MSP service automation platform. The new release of N-central provides multiple exclusive and innovative features, including the debut of N-able’s Automation Manager, integrated MSP Technician Runbook, and new Remote Control Manager family of attended and unattended remote control products.

“With the introduction and adoption of N-central 9.0, our MSP partners will be able to achieve an even greater growth rate that is complemented not only by an increase in profitability, but also overall performance and service capability. It’s truly a game-changing technology that will give our partners an even greater edge in the market,” said Gavin Garbutt, CEO of N-able Technologies.

Among the highlights of the new features included in this version of N-central is Automation Manager, a unique drag-and-drop MSP automation studio that automates best practices captured in N-able’s MSP Technician Runbook, to provide hundreds of pre-written, pre-tested and readily useable automation objects and policies. Fully integrated with N-central 9.0, Automation Manager empowers even the most inexperienced staff to build an automation workflow and contribute at a high level, eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive scripting, as well as human error. The Automation Manager also includes a wide range of default automation policies and allows MSPs to automate policies that map to their unique service workflows. It can scale rapidly to take advantage of business growth, without additional IT resources. In addition, the new Remote Control Manager | Unattended and Remote Control Manager | Attended toolset are full-integrated connectivity tools. These allow MSPs to access and control attended and unattended devices remotely, through NTRglobal’s cloud-based, agentless technology.

With N-central 9.0’s web-based design, MSPs have greater flexibility and choice when faced with adding and managing complementary technologies and services. N-able partners can enlist a private or public cloud provider for backup and storage and can also run Windows utilities, including disk checks and user inspection, through Automation Manager.

“The new IT automation standards found within N-able’s N-central 9.0 platform directly translate into greater MSP service scalability, lower delivery costs and an improved customer experience. We continue to outdistance the competition by driving innovation, quality and superior support. With N-central 9.0, N-able has redefined IT service delivery by providing our partners with industry-leading technology that maps to their service programs, processes and solutions offerings,” said JP Jauvin, N-able’s COO.