Brad Kendall


Brad Kendall

The Foundations of IT Services Automation

When you are in the managed IT services business, automation is the only way to become insanely profitable. The whole basis of managed services is to guarantee that your clients’ network will operate at an acceptable level for a fixed fee. The way to profitability deliver managed services is by automating your workload. Otherwise, youRead more >>


The Worst 2 MSP Killers

One of the most mentioned complaints I get from MSPs I talk to, is that their clients do not deal with them in ways that make them feel respected as professionals. Having been in this place before, I know what it is like to be unhappy and frustrated with your business and client base. TheseRead more >>


New Revenue Sources for IT Professionals

Every business owner wants to make more money, especially IT professionals. Why bother going out and acquiring more clients when there is more opportunity to increase your revenue within your existing client base. What you need to do is find some alternate revenue sources based on technology that differ from the traditional IT services youRead more >>


The Costs of Implementing a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for your Clients

By now, I am sure all of you are convinced of the cost and convenience savings of virtualizing your client’s server infrastructure. If you have hardware refresh plans for any of your clients, at one point you must have thought “What about VDI?” VDI of course is virtual desktop infrastructure and it allows you to extend the benefitsRead more >>

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