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5 Warning Signs To Look For When Choosing a Cloud Provider

If you attend any conference these days in the IT industry you are bound to be pitched by more than one cloud computing company. It can be quite sickening to hear from all these companies. Because of my unique background, I have had the privilege of hearing a lot of valid and “wanna-be” cloud providers out there.Read more >>

The 2012 Intel Ultrabook Takeover!

Last year Intel proposed the new Intel Ultrabook format as a response to the ever growing need for smaller and more powerful laptops. This was also a move to bring about a Windows similar version of the ever popular Mac Air.  The format caught the attention of several manufacturers who quickly developed some stellar optionsRead more >>

4 Ways Your Technicians Can Help To Increase Sales

This advice is not for all solution providers. I would never suggest that a technician can replace or even do near as a good of a job selling, as a trained sales person or a passionate business owner. For the most part, a technician needs to work on supporting and keeping customers happy. I alsoRead more >>

The Good News about Best Buy

Best Buy has for many years been the joke of IT solution providers. We used to tell clients, “We love Best Buy and the Geek Squad… they give us lots of business.” The implication being that because of the poor service of the Geek Squad; potential clients would use them, then repent and come toRead more >>

Does The Look of Your IT or Telecom Services Proposal Really Matter?

Working in both the IT and Telecommunications industries for over 15 years has given me a chance to view quite a few proposals for projects, services, managed services, and cloud computing. I truly believe that how a proposal is organized and presented is important to the success of a sale. A good looking proposal willRead more >>

Successful, Unsuccessful, or just an Idiot…

When I attend IT conferences I often play a sort of game to understand who I am talking to. It is not about understanding if someone is important or not, it is just because I want to understand how their business is doing and see if they have come up with something different or special.Read more >>


Is Puppet Cloud The Next Big Thing?

I was listening to a presentation at SMB Nation.  The event has been great and a lot of good content is coming out of it. Many of the presentations, similar to other conferences the last 3 years, are about cloud computing.  So I was listening to a speaker, and I will not identify them asRead more >>

The Greatest Pimping Story Ever Told!

I arrived yesterday at SMB Nation to attend a few of the pre-day events.  In the afternoon Microsoft gave a 3 hour presentation on Office 365, SharePoint Online, Live Office and the whole gamut of Microsoft Cloud Solutions. I have attended many sessions on these solutions at other events, had the late night rants withRead more >>


Structuring Your IT Service Delivery for Maximum Profits

One of the most common problems I see in IT organizations is the backwards nature of how their IT service delivery department is structured. Transitioning to the correct form can be tricky, yet hugely rewarding. It is much easier to just start it the right way. By backwards structure I mean the disproportion of lower-levelRead more >>

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