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Straight from the Channel: Interview with Susan England, VP Channel Sales, Ariba, Inc.

Selling SaaS solutions is not an easy task for channel partners. We discussed this issue with Susan England, the Vice President of Channels & Alliances for Ariba, Inc, one of the leading providers of collaborative business commerce solutions. Susan has a vast array of Channel and Alliance experience – from managing high profile partner relationshipsRead more >>

You’re not Alone in the Cloud Services Industry

By this time, every VAR in the industry should know that the cloud is raining money. It may not be a constant deluge, but the constant sprinkling from monthly revenues isn’t a bad business model. But to take advantage of it, there are two things a VAR has to consider: What type of cloud servicesRead more >>

How to Sell On-premise Solutions

There is an incredible focus towards moving everything to the cloud, and Gartner even predicted that by next year 20 percent of businesses will own no IT assets at all. In this environment, how do you sell on-premise solutions? And is it even worthwhile trying to do so? Despite inevitable trends towards the cloud, theRead more >>

How to move your clients to the cloud

Moving clients to the cloud isn’t just a technical task—it’s an emotional one. That’s why what’s most obvious from a technical standpoint, isn’t always the “right” way to go about it. The first thing to realize is that your clients very likely have some resistance to the idea of a cloud service.   Cultural issuesRead more >>

Top IT channel trends to watch in 2011

The reseller business will never be the same. Yes, that sounds like the beginning of an old man’s lament, but in fact, one could say the same thing about any business—and when all’s said and done, it’s the way it should be. Nothing is ever the same. Or as the Buddhist monks I met inRead more >>

Adobe enhances its online analytics suite with social networking apps

Web 2.0 has made businesses and marketers look at the internet in completely different light, traditional software giants are not being left behind. Adobe Systems (consistently in the top 20 list of the largest software companies in the world) has launched new versions of Adobe Online Marketing Suite as well as its SiteCatalyst Web AnalyticsRead more >>

mindSHIFT Finances Continue to Improve

mindSHIFT Technologies stated last February that they’ve experienced an improvement over their finances for the 2010 fiscal year. The company’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) last year has increased to 17% compared to 2009. This growth was attributed to mindSHIFT’s quality of operations, revenue-product consistency, and its exceptional recognition to their leadingRead more >>

Cisco offers new Cloud Computing Services for Channel Partners

Cisco is about to change the way their partners provide cloud computing and other professional services to their clients by launching ‘Cloud Partner Program’ and ‘Collaborative Professional Services’. During the recent ‘Cisco Partner Summit’ held on March 1, 2011 at New Orleans, the IT mega company, Cisco revealed that it’s investing new technologies and platformsRead more >>

How VARs can combine the best IT solutions to maximize profits

Nothing ever stays the same. We don’t use rotary phones, buildings don’t have elevator operators, and we don’t drive horse-and-buggies. Well, on that last point, I happen to live near Amish country, so actually a few people still do, but that’s besides the point. The business model of the value-added reseller, like everything else, continuesRead more >>

InMage Launches ScoutCloud for Cloud and Managed Service Providers

InMage just announced the release of its newest data recovery program for managed services providers (MSPs) and cloud providers called InMage Scoutcloud. This platform aims to speed up, enhance, and provide more economical means of recovering data for InMage’s partners. There are four main components of ScoutCloud. These include the most superior data protection systemRead more >>