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VMware & HP Announce Partnership for More Secured Virtual and Cloud Computing Solutions

Two of the leading business solutions companies, VMware and HP, just revealed last February 15, 2011, in San Francisco, California, that they plan to collaborate in creating, modifying, and distributing more powerful and innovative security solutions for users of cloud computing and virtual environments. The new security technology will be an upgrade of the IPSRead more >>

IBM Strengthens Relationship with Partners through Cloud Computing and Analytics Schemes

Many great treats are awaiting IBM partners. IBM, one of the biggest computer firms in the world, shared the news during the recent 2011 PartnerWorld Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida, on February 15 and 16. These incentives come in the form of analytics and cloud computing services. The Incentives IBM has come up with CloudRead more >>

Acumatica adds 100 resellers for its Cloud ERP software

Announcement of an additional 100 reseller partners by a leading provider of Cloud ERP applications, Acumatica, has the ERP industry sitting up and taking notice. This move is consistent with Acumatica’s business strategy of engaging and training channel service providers with the skills and tools they require to rapidly execute world class cloud ERP installationRead more >>

Selling cloud solutions and increasing profits

Cloud computing is truly a “disruptive” technology. It has changed the way we do business and the way we interact with one another; and beyond that, it has even changed the very nature of how we define “job” and “company.” Adding to the disruptive nature of the cloud is the fact that new cloud developmentRead more >>

You have to Adapt and Act Fast!

Over the last two decades, the nature of “job” and “company” has changed more than it has over the last two centuries. Companies are smaller and more nimble, jobs are more transitory and often don’t even involve going to an office any more. And so it’s inevitable that the nature of what we define asRead more >>

The Future of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is simply too big to ignore. Already it has brought enormous changes to how we do business; and in the reseller world, it has brought changes to both how we sell and what we sell. To understand the future of the cloud, we have to understand that it is at once both aRead more >>

How to Succeed as a Microsoft Partner

If you’re going to become a reseller, then one of the first considerations is finding a partner or partners with an established name, a diverse product line, and plenty of opportunity to offer value-added services on top of those products. Microsoft fits the bill nicely on all fronts. Creating a reseller business around a companyRead more >>