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What You Didn’t Know About the Benefits and Risks of Working Remotely

Once, the key drivers for telecommuting were about productivity and flexibility—the so-called “work-life balance” that many workers strive for.  Those “soft benefits” still exist, but, increasingly, financial considerations such as gas prices, the credit crisis and hard cost savings are driving telecommuting programs. There are many positives for telecommuting programs as it helps companies strengthenRead more >>

Securing Profitability: Three Opportunities for the Channel

If there is one truth in computing technology, it is that nothing lasts forever. From microprocessors to applications, the pace of change and innovation continues to accelerate in computing. Today’s state of the art will be tomorrow’s “need to upgrade.” The pervasiveness of the Internet, the growth of cloud computing, and the proliferation of multipleRead more >>

The Benefits of being SonicWALL’s Channel Partner

Patrick Sweeney is SonicWALL’s Vice President, Product Management. SonicWALL produces security solutions for SMBs and Enterprises. We had a chat with Patrick to learn on how SonicWALL helps its’ channel partners to overcome business challenges and maximize profits. What do you think are the new challenges that channel partners are facing? Channel partners are continuallyRead more >>

Streaming vs. Proxy: You Should Not Have to Compromise on Visibility, Speed or Security

The evolving nature and delivery schemes of viruses, malware and spyware have radically changed the scope and best practices of network security. First-generation firewalls were designed around one objective: to block direct threats coming from outside the firewall in a perimeter-based attack. But these stateful firewalls (firewalls that perform stateful packet inspection (SPI) or stateful inspection) alone areRead more >>

HP Allocates Storage Business To Channel

HP, the world’s largest technology company, has announced two new sales initiatives to expand revenue opportunities for channel partners in the United States. With the aim of stimulating growth, the initiatives include the ‘100 Percent New Accounts Initiative’ as well as the ‘100 Percent LeftHand and StoreOnce Initiative’. Under the terms of the New AccountsRead more >>

Cisco to Move Beyond BYOD

Released by Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking, the Cisco Connected World Technology Report has revealed the importance of moving beyond ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) connectivity in the workplace. In line with these findings, Cisco has developed a comprehensive, holistic approach that unifies policy, delivers a superior user experience and simplifies management in anyRead more >>

Next-Generation Security: Minimizing Threats While Boosting Performance

How safe would you feel if every airport security line only looked at every other bag and still take hours to get through to catch your flight? In the world of network security, a similar issue faces network managers—and C-suite executives—every day. The basic challenge: how do you optimize for BOTH network efficiency and aRead more >>

Symantec O3 Platform To Deliver Cloud Security

Global leader in the provision of security, storage and systems management solutions, Symantec has announced the release of its cloud information protection platform, Symantec O3 Cloud Identity and Access Control. As a response to organizational concern over moving business-critical applications to the cloud, Symantec O3 establishes a new security control point, enabling organizations to applyRead more >>

Seven Signs that You Should Improve your Disaster Recovery Plan

If you cannot remember the last time your team reviewed, tested, and updated your disaster recovery plan, that’s a clear sign it’s overdue for an overhaul. The only constant is change, and a disaster recovery plan is something that needs to be reviewed and updated at least annually. Staffing changes, infrastructure changes, new systems andRead more >>

labtech rmm

My next purchase: LabTech’s Remote Monitoring and Management Software

Corporate IT support desks and managed services providers alike are going to want to take a look at the newest version of LabTech’s Remote Monitoring and Mangement (RMM) software. The 2011.2 release looks to be a fantastic solution both for internal use, and for service providers looking for a better way to remotely manage theirRead more >>

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