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CloudBerry Backup Server Edition

CloudBerry Backup Server Edition is a backup software for Windows 2003 and 2008 that uses cloud based storage as the destination for data. You purchase the software from CloudBerry, your storage from Amazon S3, Windows Azure, or other provider, and you are off and running with a full backup solution. Features: CloudBerry Backup Server EditionRead more >>

HP Allocates Storage Business To Channel

HP, the world’s largest technology company, has announced two new sales initiatives to expand revenue opportunities for channel partners in the United States. With the aim of stimulating growth, the initiatives include the ‘100 Percent New Accounts Initiative’ as well as the ‘100 Percent LeftHand and StoreOnce Initiative’. Under the terms of the New AccountsRead more >>

Intel and StorageCraft To Offer a BDR Solution

StorageCraft, a provider of backup, data protection, disaster recovery and system migration for Windows servers and computers, have announced their partnership with Intel, the world’s leader in silicon innovation, to offer a Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) appliance operating on the Intel Hybrid Cloud platform. Powered by StorageCraft, the BDR appliance is available with theRead more >>

The Benefits of Moving your Clients to a Hosted Exchange Service

Managed service providers live and die by their margins, and anywhere they can save even a small cost per user can add up to big savings in a hurry. MSPs also need to distinguish themselves from the competition by offering better and broader services than their competition. These are all great reasons why MSPs shouldRead more >>

The 2012 Intel Ultrabook Takeover!

Last year Intel proposed the new Intel Ultrabook format as a response to the ever growing need for smaller and more powerful laptops. This was also a move to bring about a Windows similar version of the ever popular Mac Air.  The format caught the attention of several manufacturers who quickly developed some stellar optionsRead more >>

Seven Signs that You Should Improve your Disaster Recovery Plan

If you cannot remember the last time your team reviewed, tested, and updated your disaster recovery plan, that’s a clear sign it’s overdue for an overhaul. The only constant is change, and a disaster recovery plan is something that needs to be reviewed and updated at least annually. Staffing changes, infrastructure changes, new systems andRead more >>

Axcient Joins Ingram Micro Cloud Vendor Portfolio

The Services Division of Ingram Micro Inc. has announced that the Ingram Micro Cloud portfolio, which currently features more than 50 services and 24 vendors, has added Axcient to its growing list of offerings. Axcient, which provides a unified platform for backup, business continuity and disaster recovery, will now be available to Ingram Micro channelRead more >>

What to Include in a Disaster Recovery Plan, and How to Sell It

I get a lot of questions about providing a disaster recovery plan for our MSP clients.  Today, I am going to discuss our approach. I have been performing Business Continuity Assessments and writing Disaster Recovery Plans, for both SMB and Enterprise clients, since 1990.  I have tried to take my formal training and experience withRead more >>

The Future of Backup Disaster Recovery

We have seen some amazing changes in backup technologies over the last 5 years.   First, let’s recap what’s changed: Replace Tape with Hard Drives for backup storage Change from a single daily backup to frequent backups, as often as every 15 minutes Complex retention scheduling to allow you to provide a backup strategy tailored toRead more >>

Selling Online Backup and Maximizing Profits

Here is the storyline I use to sell BDR (backup and disaster recovery) and online backups: I hate tape backups. No, really.  I mean it.  I **REALLY** hate tapes.  With a passion. Why do I hate tapes?  Here’s the short list: Tapes FAIL.  I had tape clients replacing their tapes every 3-6 months.  That’s crazy.  WhyRead more >>

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