Editorial Team

Gilbert Zammit - Editor-in-Chief

Gilbert has an extensive experience working in online marketing. He is focused on promoting businesses through online PR, SEO and advertising campaigns. He excels in building relationships online as he believes it is the driving factor for a company’s success. At IT Channel Insight he manages the editorial team as to make sure that the content published is of high quality and useful for MSPs and channel partners.
Kirsten Mackintosh - News Editor
Kirsten Mackintosh is a full-time editor and part-time freelance writer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Proficient in research and argumentation as a result of her post-graduate Philosophy degree, she retains a particular interest in content requiring technical research and editing. As a competent thinker, she thrives on understanding complicated concepts, sharing knowledge with others, and cultivating a sense of awareness about the world.


Todd Nielsen - Expert Writer

Todd Nielsen is a business executive in the IT and Telecommunications industries with over 15 years of experience dealing with rapidly changing markets and technologies. His diverse background as Vice President, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Executive Officer of various organizations has made him a strong leader and business advisor.

Todd is involved with and runs multiple industry mentoring groups and serves on the board of advisors for a number of organizations. He has a successful leadership blog, A Slice of Leadership, and has written a book on growing companies through aligned execution, due to be published by a major publisher in 2012.


Brad Kendall - Contributing Editor

Brad Kendall has over 10 years of experience in the ever-changing, fast-paced, dynamic technology industry.

He currently operates three highly successful businesses including an I.T. consulting firm, a digital software and hardware company and a firm that develops mobile and SaaS applications. If you want to know more about Brad visit his blog: 


Casper Manes - Contributing Editor

Casper currently works as a Senior Messaging Consultant for one of the premier consulting firms in the world, he cuts his teeth on Exchange 5.0, and has worked with every version of Microsoft’s awesome email packages since then, as well as MHS, Sendmail, and MailEnable systems. He’s written dozens of articles on behalf of his past employers, their partners, and others, and he finally decided to embrace blogging and social media, so please follow him  if you enjoy his posts.