5 Warning Signs To Look For When Choosing a Cloud Provider

If you attend any conference these days in the IT industry you are bound to be pitched by more than one cloud computing company. It can be quite sickening to hear from all these companies. Because of my unique background, I have had the privilege of hearing a lot of valid and “wanna-be” cloud providers out there.Read more >>

The 2012 Intel Ultrabook Takeover!

Last year Intel proposed the new Intel Ultrabook format as a response to the ever growing need for smaller and more powerful laptops. This was also a move to bring about a Windows similar version of the ever popular Mac Air.  The format caught the attention of several manufacturers who quickly developed some stellar optionsRead more >>

Jim Holtzman Appointed CFO of Datapipe

Datapipe, a global provider of solutions for managing and securing mission-critical IT services, has announced the appointment of Jim Holtzman as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the company. In his role, Holtzman will join the executive team responsible for strategy, planning and operations, and will oversee the company’s finance, accounting and investor relation functions. DatapipeRead more >>

Microsoft Partners with 24/7 To Change The Future of Customer Service

Microsoft Corp. and 24/7 Inc. have announced their agreement to bring Microsoft’s interactive, self-service technology together with 24/7 Inc.’s predictive consumer experience technology into one unified cloud platform. The agreement includes Microsoft merging its interactive self-service assets (including people, clients and technologies) into 24/7 Inc., as well as a Research and Development (R&D) partnership, long-termRead more >>

Seven Signs that You Should Improve your Disaster Recovery Plan

If you cannot remember the last time your team reviewed, tested, and updated your disaster recovery plan, that’s a clear sign it’s overdue for an overhaul. The only constant is change, and a disaster recovery plan is something that needs to be reviewed and updated at least annually. Staffing changes, infrastructure changes, new systems andRead more >>

Gartner Reveals Platform as a Service (PaaS) Forecast

Gartner, the world’s leading IT research and advisory company, has addressed the Platform as a service (PaaS) trend in the Gartner Special Report, “PaaS 2012: Tactical Risks and Strategic Rewards.” PaaS is a commonly used reference to the layer of cloud technology architecture that contains all application infrastructure services, or ‘middleware’. It is the technologyRead more >>

ConnectWise Adds Technology Certification Courses to Customer Offerings

ConnectWise, a leading business management solution for service providers, technology consultants and developers, has announced the release of a new library of key certification preparation courses, with the intention of assisting ConnectWise partners in employee training, development, recruitment and retention. In partnership with Intelladon, a premier provider and integrator of learning and talent management solutions,Read more >>

Seven Ways Virtualisation can Help MSPs

Managed Services Providers must go through the same growing pains, technology refresh cycles, hardware procurement processes, and machine deployments as any IT shop that goes through it on their own; they just have to do in days what many in-house IT departments take months to do. Customers frequently make requests with ridiculously short timelines, andRead more >>

4 Ways Your Technicians Can Help To Increase Sales

This advice is not for all solution providers. I would never suggest that a technician can replace or even do near as a good of a job selling, as a trained sales person or a passionate business owner. For the most part, a technician needs to work on supporting and keeping customers happy. I alsoRead more >>

Joyent Partners With ICOS To Provide SmartDataCenter

Joyent, the global cloud computing software and service provider, and ICOS, the leading Italian distributor of IT enterprise infrastructure solutions, have announced an agreement to provide SmartDataCenter software to local channel providers and service partners. SmartDataCenter, a cloud infrastructure software program developed by Joyent, requires lower infrastructure investment owing to higher hardware utilization rates, fasterRead more >>

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