Smartphones have joined laptops as de facto network endpoints in corporations, academic institutions and government entities. In managing security for these mobile devices, IT must be aware of the differences, as well as similarities, between laptop and smartphone platforms.

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere today-equally found in the hands of consumers or the enterprise community. But for all their apparent user-friendliness, these mobile devices can represent a significant threat to corporate data. IT departments need to think long and hard before deciding on the right smartphone platform for their business needs.

Given the ever-increasing amount of data generated by today’s businesses, IT can no longer avoid re- evaluating traditional backup methodologies that require the management of complex full/log/differential backups and the storage of massive amounts of duplicate data. The SonicWALL CDP v.6 Solution enables IT to apply best practices that optimize the backup process, avoid data loss and corruption, minimize the impact on bandwidth and storage, and globally enforce business-relevant policy.